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    Well... somewhere I read that this is an issue...and an issue that I have.

    So, I read the solution...to kind of push on the little metal part inside the hole that is preventing the plug from sinking in.

    I do that, and it works!

    Today, I am playing my blackberry tunes through the car stereo...using a headphone-type chord that connects to my stereo.

    I pull that plug out as I leave, but when I return the plug won't go in...just like when I bought the phone.

    Fine... I guess I need to press that little metal part back again. So I think I have found that part and press on it with a paper clip. Good.
    Now the headphone plug goes in nicely.

    But no sound! The music continues playing through the BB speakers.

    It looks like I have broken something...or pushed an important contact away.

    I happen to have a spare Tour, though... it is bricked, but it is intact.

    How complicated would it be for me to harvest its headphone jack and replace my broken one?

    Any other ideas?
    11-30-09 04:49 PM