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    So, since purchasing my Tour I have always wondered why it randomly seemed to have the screen light up, go from light to dark and why in the dark it was dim, bright in the light etc. I have noted multiple threads with this same question and no answers that I ever saw, so if you already figured this out then great.

    Answer: The seemingly random screen brightness and lightups are all related to the trackball. I always guessed there was a light sensor but never found it nor heard anyone speak of it so until yesterday I just lived in bliss and figured that someone would finally figure it out and tell us. I found this after viewing a thread about performing advanced test on the Tour. Test found by performing following:

    Options>status> then just type test (lowercase or uppercase)
    you come to screen that states

    "Device Self Test Application" below it
    press BB Key and choose start and you are able to select from test configurations allowing you to test seemingly everything.
    I chose keyboard and Trackball (top choice) also the Misc (second)

    Misc is the choice that test the light sensor. When there you move the phone closer to light then further and the bottom number on screen should be changing.

    This may not be the complete answer but it seems to reason that the random screen brightness, etc are all related to the trackball sensor. Let me know what you think
    11-19-09 09:12 AM
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    Actually, the light sensor is where the LED is located. Try this, get yourself underneath a lamp so your keyboard lights go off. When you place a finger over the LED, the keyboard will light up again. I read about this in here before and have experienced it myself. I don't really think the trackball has much to do with it at all.

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    11-19-09 09:33 AM
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    I was thinking that there could be a light leak inside the device. Allowing light to hit the sensor as I am having the same issue and haven't been able to find out why either.
    11-19-09 12:55 PM