1. bsucards's Avatar
    Has anyone recently had their tour replaced with asurion. Mine dropped a plunge today and was hoping for the 9650 as a replacement. I did the claim online. How does it get shipped? UPS/FED EX/Post Office, that way I know what time to take lunch
    08-30-10 01:54 PM
  2. asp13's Avatar
    Asurion still stocks the 9630, so unless they happen to be out of stock at the time of order I bet that's what you'll get.
    08-30-10 03:09 PM
  3. rcnathan's Avatar
    You will get the 9630 and they will ship I believe, USPS Priority. But - it's been over a year since I did an insurance claim. Just make sure that you ship your phone back - or they will charge you the Retail cost of the phone.

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    08-30-10 06:40 PM
  4. tourlover08's Avatar
    Yeah you will get the tour. I just did a claim. And seems like to me that they always have the phones in stock. U'd be very luck to get a diff one.

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    08-30-10 09:20 PM
  5. bsucards's Avatar
    Thanks for letting me know, that I can expect a 9630, it is coming via UPS today, even though I said no signature needed.

    My old one has started working for now, but is giving a sim card error. I will be sending this one back anyhow
    08-31-10 08:54 AM
  6. Amber_Asurion's Avatar
    Once you file a claim, you should receive a tracking email, if you provided an email address. Your replacement device will be shipped through FedEx unless they cannot deliver and should arrive next day. Shipping times may vary.
    08-31-10 04:12 PM
  7. ibobby's Avatar
    Good luck and make sure your replacement works correctly.

    Asurion suckssss. I had my phone replaced a few mths ago. paid the $50..not to mention the $6 i've paid (forever) each month on my cell bill. I noticed the replacement phone would not recharged. I thought it was the wall charger. NOT!! No go on the car charger. The computer also would not see the phone using the usb cable. Try a different battery, still no go on the charge.

    Called up to explain what the replacement phone(refurb) was doing. Rep was questioning me as if I broken the phone. Said they would be happy to send out a replacement. But I had to pay another $50 deductible to get a replacement for "the replacement". Asked for supervisor and she basically said screw you, pay the $50 bucks are no phone. Now I'm Pi$$$$$$ed.

    Called Verizon, explained what I was told. The rep agreed that it seemed odd and unfair in what they told me. He went on to say "well, Asurion is a 3rd party" and wanted me to call them back and try again. There wasnt much Verizon could do. I told him Verizon should be overly concerned that customers are taken care of by any third party service Verizon offers. I then told him to cancel my Verizon account immediately. He put me on hold and returned with a supervisor who was senting me out a new phone next day shipping. I am still going to file a formal complaint about Asurion.
    08-31-10 05:43 PM
  8. KDParis's Avatar
    Ive had many phones replaced (due mainly to the fact that I was once a Storm user) and I always contacted Verizon through a corporate store. They will contact Asurion instead of the customer which seems to be much more effective. Also the 50 dollar deductible is often waived if you explain your problem in person...
    10-19-10 09:38 AM