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    I know there are threads out there in regards to the Body Glove case on other BBs. I have the Tour case and just like others it seems as if this thing was made to go on once and never come off. Any advice??
    05-17-10 11:05 AM
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    Someone figured out taking these cases off over [HERE]. Unfortunately, its not a 9630 case, but it seems the same general idea can be applied to your case.

    This post/instructions follow:

    Here it is...drum roll please....

    Take a small flat screwdriver (as in micro/jeweler screwdriver!) and insert it between the two case sections JUST to the inside (towards the center) of either the Lock or Mute button holes. Push down slightly and then pry the BACK section of the case up and away from the FRONT section (you should be pushing the handle of the screwdriver towards the front of the phone). Once the clip opens, stick a coin in between the case pieces near the released clip and then do the other side. Once the two top clips are free....the rest is easy. Good luck!

    NOTE: If you stick the screwdriver in you just to the inside of either the Lock or Mute button holes you will hit the clip and not scratch up the phone - unless you go all postal on the thing, of course!
    It sounds pretty scary... If you haven't picked up the case already, I suggest grabbing a Seidio Incase II Surface. You can find it [HERE]. I love mine and it is quite simple to remove---despite what some reviews state---if you do it right. You have to wiggle the bottom of the case off of the top portion. Easy.

    Either way, good luck!

    Just reread your original post. You do have the body-glove case... Regardless, buy the Seidio! Lol. Again, its a great case!
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