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    all day today i've been trying to fix my tour since i upgraded OTA last night. first i had the problem of waaaay less memory. after several battery pulls that suddenly resolved. all seemed to be well, that is until i synced with my computer. i suddenly had duplicate calendar entries. so i go through all involved with removing them (which i've done before) and after several attempts i finally got that fixed. then i checked outlook...it was empty! seriously this is ridiculous! through DM it says it is supposed to sync with outlook but it won't. looking in my tour i have 5 calendar options, my 4 email accounts which have always been there and a new one called default. it's the color of default that appears on my BB. the one entry i added fell under one of my email calendars and that is the only entry in outlook. WTF?!! what i am missing here? i even did a restore and it still won't out anything back on outlook.

    oh, and if BB can create colors for various calendars why can't it sync colors from outlook? sorry just me ******** about my main problem with BB.
    11-22-09 07:49 PM