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    So I've struggled with this problem for a while and have not been able to find a suitable answer. I have a gmail account and I also have my school email address (windows live) forwarded to the gmail address. Is there anyway on my blackberry to be able to designate when i send emails which email i'm sending it from. For example, If i get an email to my school address. I want to respond from my school address and not from the gmail one; however, i'm pretty sure if I just hit the normal reply it will be sent from the gmail address. Any ideas?

    I'm actually going to slip in two more question as well. The first is, is there anyway to have a little indicator at the top of the phone show up to say there is new voicemail? As of now my phone gets texts to inform me i have a voicemail, but this method of reminding is very annoying. Secondly, is there anyway I can backup my settings and everything I've done to my phone. Its ironic but rather then my contacts which are on my computer anyway, i'd hate to lose all the different settings i've set.


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