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    First of all, please don't take this message the wrong way and I am in no way trying to be overly accusatory. One of the reasons I purchased the Tour was because I found a lot of positive feedback on this forum. Yes, there were a lot of negative feedback as well. The Tour seemed to address my needs coming from an 8330. So, I took the plunge. My concerns are mostly regarding new and updated themes. During many discussions and debates, I found that the 8900 themes don't work for the 4.7 version of the Tour. I don't have a PC and if I did I would not know how to upgrade correctly and I would be afraid that I would create problems with my phone. I remember when I had the Curve there were so many free and premium themes. The theme makers would ask for requests and would honestly follow through on them. All that we are asking is a little love for the 4.7 version. Most of the truly nice themes are for the 5.0 version. Can someone make us some nice themes to enjoy? The best theme makers always seem to make sure the Storm and the Bold have better choices. I am the person that kept begging for a nice theme like Blackberry Bliss and a few other great quality themes. Guys, I know you are out there, please help us too. Thumbing through the forums, others are asking as well. Can someone please make really great quality theme or themes for us! If you feel me, please second the motion. Natemz just pushed out another gorgeous on for the storm!

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    12-12-09 02:22 PM
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    I'm running 4.7 and have not had a single issue finding themes for my Tour. I use the 3G and Pro v3 Red right now. I've had others as well. Not sure why you are having such a problem finding them.
    12-12-09 02:55 PM
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    Agreed, there are tons of top quality free themes for Tour OS 4.7, scroll through the 9630 Theme section for an hour.

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    12-12-09 03:48 PM
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    There are many awesome themes for 9630/! i agree with the above posters. Take some time and browse the 9630 Themes section.

    Here is a great free one by the maker you mentioned that i use http://forums.crackberry.com/f148/bb...n-free-302722/

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    12-12-09 03:51 PM
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    there are A LOT of good theams for the Tour.. there everywhere actually lol
    12-12-09 03:53 PM
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    I've got to be honest I've got 4.7 and have found a ton of great themes to use. I'm using the rotunda theme right now.

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    12-12-09 09:03 PM
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    Follow the advice of the others. There are at least 3-5 free themes a day on average coming out of for the Tour with 4.7 OS.
    12-12-09 09:31 PM