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    I am aware of the geneal OS 4.7 bug with rendering some HTML email. My issue is a bit different:

    I've always, on 3 different Tours, been able to get some HTML emails through without font issues (I think it was usually those HTML emails with some embedded pictures (not linked pictures) or background formatting - such as some blog broadcasts and LinkedIn updates). These emails would always show up correctly. However, yesterday my Tour randomly started to display those HTML emails (that previously came through OK) with large fonts and without embedded pictures/background formatting. Additionally, all plain text emails, would also start coming through as HTML and having the big gont issue. What was even odder was the previously downloaded email, that had displayed correctly prior to yesterday, suddently had the "big font" issue.

    After resending service books, host routing tables, restoring previous backup point, etc, I finally did an OS reinstall. This appeared to solve the problem, although I'm concerned the problem may emerge again. I'm wondering if anyone else ran into this issue, and if they found a better fix.

    I have a Blackberry Tour on Verizon and got emails through Hotmail. I don't think it was a Hotmail problem - I tested by adding a new Gmail account and it had the same issues.
    08-30-09 10:36 PM
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    Wanted to bump this up in the forums - I just had this issue crop up, this time with a fusemail IMAP account. Could it be related to the BIS 2.8 update? Hard to see how it could though, since all emails that were previously downloaded are also displaying wrong and differently than they were earlier today.
    10-04-09 03:02 AM