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    Hey everyone. I'll start off by saying this place has been unbelievably helpful in my years as a BB owner. Have been using my father's account but finally made one for myself.

    Here's the issue that I was hoping somebody out there could help me with:

    I have the Facebook app, yet I prefer to view the site through BlackBerry's browser. These past few days, however, the site has not been working. When I enter facebook.com, I will get the login screen which appears perfectly normal. On the home screen after logging in, though, it is simply all text. It simply shows one status from my news feed with a few basic links (Home, Profile, Logout, etc.).

    -I have pulled the battery and rebooted, as well as logged out numerous times only to login to the same thing.

    -I was wondering if this is something that I caused - although I very rarely change any settings. So I'm a little confused as to why no thumbnails/pictures appear and why I cannot even view the site.

    Any help from you guys would be very much appreciated and happy Thanksgiving!


    - I have also attempted using different addresses (www.facebook.com, www.m.facebook.com, etc.). I don't think this is very relevant but I'm including everything so I can get this fixed! Thanks all.
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    im getting a lot of errors. so its not just you.
    11-23-11 05:01 PM
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    I use the app, but I did open the browser and had no problem. It came up in mobile view and didn't show any profile pics but all photos did appear.All other functions worked normally.

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    11-24-11 05:50 AM