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    i searched the forums but couldnt find any good information that would actually help.
    i have a blackberry tour with verizon wireless running
    when i tried to upgrade to the official 5.0 upgrade from SaskTel
    i deleted the vendor file
    then tried to use desktop manager to upgrade
    the 5.0 shows up but it has an asterisk next to it saying that only current blackberry service subscribers can download this update.
    i have an active blackberry service on my phone, seeing as though it is mandatory with verizon.

    i searched to figure out what else i could do and i saw somewhere it said to use the apploader.exe in the folder. when i tried to update to the 5.0 it says that it wasnt compatible for my blackberry. i downloaded the tour update so i dont see what is wrong.

    please help.
    02-05-10 06:07 PM
  2. hootyhoo's Avatar
    Try using this.

    BlackBerry Swiss Army Knife (BBsak)

    And be sure that you've read this.

    How to upgrade to a leaked OS

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    02-05-10 06:20 PM
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    Oh. By the way. Be sure to disconnect from the internet after you finish installing the new OS to your pc. This will keep DM from searching for the latest official OS for your phone.

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    02-05-10 06:35 PM