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    Ok so I'm getting the http error 413 entity too large. I read somewhere to change mds_cl to 1024. I just can't find where to do that. I have VZW and a tour. I'm really lost and have been trying to watch the video's my wife is uploading of my 6month old son while I'm on the road. I don't have a laptop and won't be able to get one till jan. I realy don't want to miss another second of his life. If you can help me I'll greatly appreciate it.

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    09-13-10 11:38 PM
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    I am interested in this also regarding trying to download a pdf of Washington Post Express on my Bold 9650 w/o turning on my computer which takes time I don't have in the morning.

    09-14-10 10:32 AM
  3. Motorcycle Mama's Avatar
    How large are the files?

    And to the OP, how/where exactly are you trying to watch the video?
    09-14-10 11:00 AM
  4. AgentHeracles's Avatar
    The files seem to vary around 16mb to around 30mb. Here is the link to one of the dates.

    09-14-10 11:43 AM