1. mltenzer's Avatar
    I am running a BB Tour (OS 5.0) with BES synch'd with MS Exchange and Enterprise activation. My inbox combines email from my "Junk email" folder as well as "folder inbox". How do I prevent the junk email from cluttering up my inbox? I want to display my inboxes separately, as they appear in Outlook.

    Under Mail/Options/Inbox settings I have "desktop" checked. When unchecked, I see no email at all in the inbox.

    Thanks in advance.
    05-14-11 08:20 AM
  2. Yosaki's Avatar
    I would give BerryMail a shot to eliminate your junk mail. However, you will need the emails of the junk mail so they will be blocked from showing up on your phone.That means this app will prevent junk mail from the same sender but I don't think it prevents from new junk mail senders.

    I don't think you can display the junk email and folder inboxes separately unfortunately.
    05-14-11 02:43 PM