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    New to the whole smartphone deal, and I didn't see my question answered in a search. I didn't see direct connect listed under any of the Tour's specs, but I saw an ad that listed it as a feature. Can anyone confirm if this is a feature? If not, is it something that can be hacked (on any blackberry newer than the 8350i?)? Thanks.
    12-18-09 04:20 PM
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    Sorry, the Tour doesn't have Direct Connect and it can't be hacked. It doesn't have the IDEN network which is what the Nextel/Boost network works off of.
    12-18-09 04:41 PM
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    The Tour is a Sprint (CDMA) phone, not a Nextel (iDEN) phone.
    The tour is not just sprint, it is also Verizon.

    Only Nextel phones use DC.
    The "Blackberry curve 8350i" is the only Blackberry that offers Nextel's direct connect ptt

    What you want is not possible
    It is only with the 8350i but the hacking most likely is not.

    The only BlackBerry Curve™ with the power of Nextel Direct Connect«.

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    12-19-09 02:18 AM
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    I've been a Sprint customer for 5 years and was a Nextel customer for 3 years before that so I am WELL versed in Direct Connect, iDen, and Sprint's offerings, thank you very much. Only NEXTEL phones offer DC. The 8350i is a Nextel phone. Sprint owns Nextel now but the phone is still Nextel branded. The i stands for iDEN. The OP wanted to know if the TOUR had Direct Connect and if not if it could be added. As I said, no it doesn't and adding it via a hack is not possible.

    I'm aware Verizon offers the Tour as well. My point to the OP is that the Tour is not a Nextel phone.
    I am well aware what the op asked and I answered very accordingly. . You stated " Only NEXTEL phones offer DC. The 8350i is a Nextel phone. Sprint owns Nextel now but the phone is still Nextel branded. "

    Can you provide something in writing that says this? While sprint does own nextel, "Rim" makes the 8350i. Everything from specs to the announcement of this phone says clear as day that the phone is a Rim Blackberry, Not a nextel blackberry. It does say nextel on it but is not a nextel. My tour says Verizon but its still made by blackberry.

    You also state that your point to the op was that the tour is not a nextel phone. I did not say it was a nextel pone, I just pointed out that the 8350i has the dc feature, but is a Rim phone...
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    12-19-09 11:46 AM
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    Thanks for the info. Guess I'll get myself an 8350i.
    12-19-09 12:47 PM