1. mnwildfan2k's Avatar
    Looking for a solution to a minor issue I am having with my Verizon Tour. I have a 3 yr old who has some really cool toys that have really neat sound effects. Last night, I used the voice recorder to record some of these with intentions of using them as an SMS alert. I am able to record them and save them as ringtones, go to profiles, change the phone ringtone to anything that I have recorded, but when I go to the SMS notification, I do not see the recorded ringtone in the list of tones. Is there a way to record a tone, save as ringtone, but use it as a SMS alert instead of an actual phone ringtone??

    VZW Tour 9630
    07-16-10 12:09 AM
  2. dasDestruktion's Avatar
    Profiles < Ringtones/Alert Settings < Messages < SMS therein, scroll up to the very top where you will see "select music..." click into that and you can choose the "voice notes" folder in the file browser and choose the sound you'd like. From there you should be all set!
    07-16-10 12:16 AM
  3. mnwildfan2k's Avatar
    EXACTLY what I was looking for!! Thank you sir!! Very nice!!! :-)
    Mods - PLEASE CLOSE.
    07-16-10 12:19 AM
  4. dasDestruktion's Avatar
    I'm glad everything worked out for you. Enjoy the cute new noises coming out of the device!
    07-16-10 12:29 AM