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    If someone with a Tour can try this and let me know what happens, I'd appreciate it. What's happening with my Storm which I've had 2 days, I have media files that I use as phone and SMS alert tones. If I transfer, say, 20 files to the ringtones folder of a freshly formatted media card, all the files I transfer will show up when I go into the Media and Ring Tones folder. Then we'll say I add an additional 10 files afterwards, the media card will rescan, but absolutely nothing I added will show up in the list of files. Doing a battery pull, physically removing the media card and having it rescan, does not help. But if I reformat the media card and move 30 files over, then 30 files show up.

    I upgraded the OS on the thing, which didn't help. This morning I discovered that the problem is not limited to the media card. If i move files to the folder in the device memory (not the card), the files will show up. But again, if I add any files to the device memory folder, NOTHING I add will show up.

    I'm going to call Verizon regardless, but I don't think it's an issue with the phone itself. When I look at the folder contents in Roxio Media Manager, the files ARE there, and will play if I double-click them. The OS just refuses to acknowledge their presence.

    The newest Storm OS didn't fix this, and I'm unwilling to try a 5.0 beta because I know of the bluetooth issues Storm users are having with it. So because I am well within my 30 days, I figure my next logical step is to return the Storm and get the Tour. But I also know the Storm and Tour run a very similar OS (4.7.0 vs 4.7.1).

    So what I'm asking, if someone with a Tour who ALREADY has files in the ringtones folder of either the media card or the device memory, will you add a file or 2, and see if they will show up afterwards? I do appreciate this, as it will affect my decision to either try another Storm, or head right over to the Tour. Thank you for reading my slight rant.
    09-20-09 10:13 AM