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    to start. I downloaded desktop manager for my tour awhile ago, it installed version 5.0.0419 and I downloaded blackberry messenger 5.0. I however do not like the blackberry 5.0 and want to downgrade it. Does anyone know a site where I can find a lower version? like 4.7 or something?


    It screwed up my phone and added the sms and mms together and also adds sms texts to blackberry messenger, I wouldn't mind messenger if this didn't happen but I hate it. So what I'm asking in this part is how do I make it so sms and mms aren't grouped together? I went into the messenger options and general options but I couldn't see anything. I went into the sms and mms options and general options but its the same thing... (?) if anyone can help I'd appreciate it a lot!
    04-22-10 10:45 PM
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    Go into each person's BBM contact profile, hit the menu key and select "remove contacts link" and that will separate the SMS from BBM.

    Not sure where to find 4.7. Try threaded SMS for a while and see, it'll probably grow on you.

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    04-22-10 10:51 PM
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    it tells me "Removing contact link to Address Book will also remove PIN information associated with the entry." when I do this it removs the pin from the address book.. why would I want to remove the persons pin?
    04-22-10 11:00 PM
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    Because otherwise it remains linked and one of the features on OS5 is to include SMS threaded conversations where they show up on BBM for contacts who you have a pin entered for.

    You could just put their pin in "notes" at the bottom of the address book presumably.

    Sorry, but those are your options, either find 4.7 and downgrade, remove their pin/unlink the contact and have SMS and BBM separate, or leave it and be more careful whether you're typing to them in the thread for bbm or the one with the little phone icon by their name which is sms.

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    04-23-10 03:06 AM