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    Sorry if this was posted previously elsewhere, after a half hr looking I decided to make a fresh thread..

    I just upgraded to the 9630 Tour v4.7.1.40(77) (stock out of the box I got) from the Curve 8330. I used BB Desktop Manager's "Switch Device Wizard" to migrate the info, and rebooted the Tour after the transfer.

    NOW.... Nearly everytime someone from my contact list (complete w/ area code) calls me the phone number appears instead of the name. It doesn't happen everytime but probably 8 out of 10.. For example my wife called me 3 times in a half hr span, the only time her name popped up is the 2nd time.

    I was wondering if anybody else has had this odd occurance happen and what they've done about it?? I'm at the end of my rope on this and need to turn to the experts again!

    11-08-09 12:43 PM
  2. csujd's Avatar
    If you have your content protected in your security options and your phone is locked when the call comes in, it will only display the phone number. If your phone is unlocked, it will show the number and name. My company has content protection which is something I can't change but I'm sure if you turned that off you would be able to see the name and number when a call comes in when the phone is locked.
    11-08-09 10:52 PM
  3. mnwildfan2k's Avatar
    ^^^ this has ALWAYS bothered me... My company does the same thing and I absolutely HATE it...
    11-08-09 11:29 PM
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    Many thanks to you csujd! I've looked again and found the option to "include contacts"... I'm gonna try it now that that's been marked as "No". Thanks for the quick response & excellent answer! It's awesome people like you that help out newb's like me that make this site what it is... AWESOME!!

    Thanks again!
    11-09-09 06:49 AM
  5. mnwildfan2k's Avatar
    ^^ this should clear your problem, it fixed mine and works fine now...
    11-11-09 12:11 AM