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    Morning everyone!

    I noticed this morning in SMS that in the address field there was a phone # instead of a name. I checked my Contacts and the person who sent the text was no longer in my Phonebook. I sifted through more text and found that a few others were listed as numbers too
    No biggie because I knew who they were by the context of the message but it made me wonder who else may have been removed.

    I did everything I was supposed to when I downloaded - nothing strange happened - but now my contacts are all out of wack. I tried to restore using DM with the back-up file I created last night but that didn't re-add the 2 I knew for a fact were missing. Luckily I remembered VZW Back-up Assistant so I used that. It advised that 28 contacts were restored 28?!?!?!?

    Did anyone else have this problem???
    And, I noticed that on one friend that was restore, her address is all jammed onto one line instead of separating street/city/state/zip.

    Thanks in advance!
    04-20-10 10:47 AM
  2. Notrega's Avatar
    Running the non-patched VZW OS I had similar issues with contacts disappearing and even cross contamination - Mary having John's info - even the wrong Facebook associations.

    I downgraded to Sprint's .484 the day the patch came out. I have since gone back to the VZW OS with the patch and I am watching the contacts closely.

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    04-21-10 09:08 AM
  3. toyceli22's Avatar
    this happed to me as well twice . after this patch and after loading 591

    i forgot to make a backup in DM before grabbing the OS' and this is what i get for my stupidity.
    04-21-10 09:35 AM
  4. Notrega's Avatar
    I do weekly backups - but found I had to go back a few weeks to get uncorrupted data...

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    04-21-10 10:27 AM
  5. alb123's Avatar
    For those of you who sync with Gmail or Outlook - this is why I always, always run a synchronization immediately before an OS upgrade. A few times I've had to restore my contact list after an OS upgrade.
    04-21-10 02:56 PM
  6. kharper2008's Avatar
    I finally just downgraded to the VZW OS which was released on 03/31 because I wasn't quite sure what else to do.
    04-22-10 10:42 PM