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    hi guys, i have been going through a lot of forums and threads research on how to load an operating system on a blackberry which is nuked/bricked. so i am trying to do research on a better way cause when my blackberry got nuked i had not even used it for even a week so i was wondering like is there any other way one can install or load the OS on a blackberry without the usual method of first loading the OS into the computer then wiping the phone cause i have tried like a million times to load the OS into my nuked blackberry but i5ts all in vein. I was wondering if there was anyone who have ever had a blackberry tour which is nuked and can give me a walk through. u can send me the procedure into my email account dietzblac@gmail.com cos when i even try the "unknown" pin it still says not connected to the computer i have even bought the original cable en i have done all the ways people give but mine is just a pain in the as* seriously. Please help if you can and i will be most gretful
    11-22-11 04:13 AM