1. KestoD's Avatar
    is BIS free? im payin the data plans for the tour n i dont want to pay for anything extra :P
    also whats the benefits of BIS?
    srry for newbie questions this is my first blackberry
    thx in advance
    11-13-09 10:23 AM
  2. lastraid's Avatar
    BIS is included in the price of your data plan. BIS is required if you like to get email to your phone.
    11-13-09 10:37 AM
  3. RickyRoss10's Avatar
    There are 2 types of BB data plans for VZW:
    BIS -$30 (I think) and BES - $45
    The difference is that BES allows access to the Enterprise network for syncing with (typically) Outlook - usually for business users.

    BIS is the type of data plan most people have. It allows access to the internet, email, BBM, etc.
    11-13-09 10:38 AM
  4. Turbaru's Avatar
    The way I understand it, BIS is the "entry level" data plan for a blackberry on Verizon. BES is required if your email is on an enterprise server. If I remember correctly, $30 a month for BIS, and $45 a month for BES.
    11-13-09 10:38 AM
  5. KestoD's Avatar
    kk thx everyone 4 the responses
    11-13-09 11:34 AM