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    Seriously people, we pretty much have what equates to a computer that connects us to the world and so much more in the palm of our hand. That in itself is AMAZING if you think about it, yet we are never satisfied. I admit, at times I get frustrated too but then I still marvel at how far we've come in the past 20, 30 years and it does seem to get me past a lot of that frustration (unless the device just isn't working.)

    On the other hand, our strive to "perfect" technology also drives it to develop even further, so it is definitely helping our advancement.

    Still, are we too spoiled?
    10-30-09 10:23 AM
  2. mjbesen310's Avatar
    lol doesnt matter how good a product is, there will and always will be people that complain it doest live up to there standards. Its always been like that for anything and everything ever made.

    seriously, what product in this entire world is perfact? Theres no such thing
    10-30-09 10:25 AM
  3. Chrisy's Avatar
    i don't think we are spoiled. i'm amazed at what i can do on my BlackBerry. i use my BlackBerry in place of a PC. However, i expect the device to work as advertised.

    Overall i'm extremely happy with my Tour. Some minor complaints are the freezing, huge email font and USB placement.

    Two of the three can be corrected with OS updates. The freezing is unacceptable to me though. If there was no fix for it, i'd return the phone for that reason.

    i think if we, as consumers, do not expect much, we will not receive much. We should have high expectations. The companies will deliver products based on the consumers needs and wants.

    i never take my BlackBerry for granted though. It makes many tasks much easier!

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    10-30-09 10:29 AM
  4. pal2393's Avatar
    Freezing is a major issue. Especially when trying to delete all prior. It seems if you let call logs show in messages and try to delete all prior the phone freezes on deleting. Had a new phone sent and still the same issue. Software bugs will always exist. They will get it right one day.
    10-30-09 10:33 AM
  5. tunkatuna's Avatar
    The only thing I really expect is for a unit to work AS advertised.
    The grass is always greener on the other side, especially for us tech junkies.
    I have tried allot of PDA/phones and the BB is the best for my uses so far.
    10-30-09 10:37 AM
  6. ICE_324's Avatar
    Hear, hear, Chrisy520.
    10-30-09 10:53 AM
  7. DarkPhoenix's Avatar
    We have become spoiled. Think about what would happen if you didn't have your internet. I know I would go crazy. Not only that, if we ever lost all power, how would we Google how to survive?
    10-30-09 10:59 AM
  8. Chrisy's Avatar
    LOL@ google How To Survive!

    We survived without these technologies before, we could again if we *had* to. But why do that?

    It's not about being spoiled. If that's the case, why use any technology? Why use a car? walk (uphill both ways, barefoot). Why use the telephone? use snail mail or pony express!

    We don't *need* technology to live. But to be alive now you do have to use it to keep up. Every person has to decide for themselves how "up" they want to be, how connected.

    i do think it's important not to solely depend on these technologies. We need common sense and be able to get along without if need be

    i think it's irrational when people complain about too much technology or "kids these days" and their BlackBerry devices. The "i didn't have that as a child" is meaningless. All generations have had, and used, their technologies.

    It's a tool, just like the internet, cars, record players and a spoon. i think it's interesting to hear us say, "kids these days are spoiled! They have *gasp* cell phones at 10." i was shocked the first time i saw it too (i'm older) but it makes sense and i think it's good.

    i for one, and thrilled about technology whether it's a BlackBerry or a fork! i hate eating with my hands! As long as you are in control of it and not it of you.

    Is that spoiled? i personally choose to keep my BlackBerry and forgo other convinces such as computer, fax, cable etc. i guess every generation is *always* going to compare what they had though to the present.

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    10-30-09 11:11 AM
  9. mciriello's Avatar
    As the BB software becomes more feature-laden, there will be some issues. I can accept that. The hardware, however, should be rock solid before these things are released into the wild. There is no excuse for hardware "growing pains." i was patient enough to wait 3 months for them to work out the kinks, but it's the early adopters who pay full price for these devices and are most williing to jump ship if the hardware doesn't perform. RIM's got to please those folks; they are a vocal minority.
    10-30-09 11:54 AM
  10. RegE's Avatar
    To the OP and your question: No, we're not expecting too much! We would be expecting too much if we expected the phone to do something over and above what it was designed to do. To complain about the placement of the USB is ridiculous [after the fact]; but on the other hand, would it be asking too much to expect the designers to take functionality into account when the device was in its blueprint stages? While it's entirely conceivable that the USBs placement could have been an oversight - amounting to human error (which is acceptable), why on God's Green Earth would RIM do it again with the Essex? You know they are aware of the complaints and the hindrances with respect to functionality (this is where RIM begins to lose respect).

    The trackball was a flop. That's OK! A lot of manufacturers produce products that bomb. What separates a good manufacturer from a not-so-good manufacturer is whether or not they learn from their mistakes. I'd venture to say, while it was ridiculous to design a phone that needs to be dismantled to replace the trackball, the trackball issues probably weren't RIMs fault. They probably received a batch of substandard parts from a cheap, lazy overseas manufacturer. I think they learned their lesson there as evidenced by the introduction of the trackpad on the Essex.

    Now, the OS bugs really peeve me. This is where you expect the device to do what it's designed to do. For example, 'silent' means silent. The OS bugs could have been identified by merely testing and putting the phone through its paces prior to release. Produce a few Beta devices and give them to your employees for a month and let them report-back on issues; address the reported issues and presto, you've got something worth selling. There should be no such thing as an OS bug, and if there happens be a bug, then it should get addressed immediately. For example, why didn't .57 address the bugs of .40? You know RIM has their finger on the consumer pulse rate. You know, they know that every single Tour owner has an issue with their device. What are they doing about it?

    In closing, I don't think it's outrageous to expect your device to operate as it's purported. I don't think voicing your disdain for substandard products that you pay top-dollar for can be considered unfounded ********. Based on the premise, "you get what you pay for" - I would be more tolerant of a $50 device over a $500 device. Shoddy workmanship is why our domestic car makers are taking a backseat to their Japanese counterparts. Quality control is becoming a thing of the past. Quantity is the new buzz-word for maximizing the bottom-line with regards to profits.
    10-30-09 01:05 PM