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    hi everyone
    so i recently upgraded from a curve 8330 to the tour with sprint. I bought the tour brand new on ebay and activated it yesterday. the problem that I'm having is with the data connection, when i try to use the browser it says "a communication failure has occurred," my BBM & other apps also don't work but my phone says 1XEV (caps) I thought that meant I did have data connection but now I'm confused & frustrated because I can't find a solution. This happens on/off, i may have data for a couple hours and for another couple hours i don't. Please help! I'm worried it can be a problem with the actual phone :S
    05-15-11 04:10 AM
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    Hey dbq90! Welcome to the Tour family!

    Yes, you're right, If it says 1XEV, there is a data connection but verify it by looking at your service status under Manage Connections.

    Did you do a factory restore before you started using your phone? Did you try resending your service books? A battery pull? If none of these worked, I would try wiping your phone and loading a higher os if there are any. I suggest

    Hope that helps!

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    05-15-11 07:32 PM
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    yea try resending the service books and log into sprints BIS portal online and make sure your new PIN is on your account. also, maybe try activation again to ensure things are set up right on the BIS side.
    05-15-11 09:12 PM