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    Hey guys, my company gave me a Tour on Verizon about a month ago, and I'm still in the process of switching my knowledge from Symbian (Nokia E71) over to RIM.

    One issue that I'm hoping I can resolve: I know there is a way to set a custom ringtone for a group of contacts, but is there a way (or program) for this ring to change with changing the profile? I would like to mute/vibrate my friends' calls at work, but by changing to another profile, restore that groups ring.

    Any ideas? Any help is much appreciated!
    03-03-10 08:47 AM
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    Thanks for that, I didn't realize that those custom alerts were specific to the profile.

    So I though I knew how set custom alerts for a group, but I guess I don't. I have Family, Friends and Work groups on device, but those don't transfer to Outlook when I sync. Outlook only has "categories." Any way to send these groups to Outlook so that I can more easily modify them?

    EDIT: Oh, so after looking around, it seems there is no way to sync distribution lists. That seems kind of silly and trivial, especially after many years of updates.
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