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    I just got a new desktop PC. It's running Windows 7 (64-bit) & Office 2010 -- but my tech guy installed Outlook 2007 instead of 2010 to make syncing easier. I can sync my email, notes/memos, & to do list but can't sync my calendar. Every time I try, I get this message: "Synchronization Error: The following event could not be synced: 11/21/2001 -- FAP Meeting. Remove the event and sync again. Alas, there is no event on that day. I originally configured it to copy all events from my B'berry to Outlook, then tried future events only. Both times I got the same error message. I've had Outlook uninstalled & reinstalled. I've uninstalled & reinstalled Blackberry Device Manager. I'm at my wits end. Please help! h2
    01-28-13 01:34 PM

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