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    I have a Tour that I bought back in Canada a few years back. I have it unlocked, and wish to use it on the Vodafone Ireland network. I have used the phone fine in Ireland for the past while, but since I returned from Canada yesterday, I have been having some really strange connection issues.

    I have a 3G connection, and full signal bars - but I can only make/receive calls and sms and data for about 20 minutes until I have to do a batt pull in order to use the phone again. If I don't pull the battery, my calls don't dial out, and I get the dreaded red x mark next to any texts... Any suggestions on how to fix this? I'm using the .1030 software, and replaced the SIM card yesterday all to no avail. I also tried resending the host routing table, but it doesn't work either.

    I'm really hoping someone has some suggestions on how to fix this - thanks!
    07-24-11 09:41 PM