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    Hello, I like to send emails to myself from my outlook (work) account - it's a fast way of transferring files to my blackberry. I'm sure there are more exotic ways to do this, but it works for me.

    When I upgraded the OS on my 8830 to, suddenly I couldn't see the messages I send myself any more. Now I have a Tour, and the same is true.

    How do I fix this so that messages sent *from* me *to* me appear in my BB inbox? I'm using gmail as an intermediate (spam-filtering) client between outlook (work account) and my BB - the messages appear in my gmail inbox, but for some reason are not pushed to my BB. Or else they are pushed into some location I can't find. I have no filters set up on any of my accounts on BIS. I also can't see messages that I send to myself from my BB (using gmail account to send). I feel like the BB is trying to "save" me from seeing these messages, but I insist

    Ugh, I feel like this may be a common question, but I can't find the answer in any of the forums.
    07-29-09 09:04 PM
  2. dj r's Avatar
    if your outlook program is open, maybe it's seeing the mail, therefore it's not sharing. if this is the case it's just a setting in outlook under account options.
    07-29-09 09:33 PM
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    My work account (which I use outlook to view) is correctly forwarding all of my emails to gmail. If I use outlook to send a message to myself, it appears in outlook, and it also appears in the gmail inbox. BB downloads everything in the gmail inbox, except for (for some reason) the messages in there from me. That's why I think it's an issue with BB and not with outlook.
    07-29-09 09:59 PM
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    The issue is the new version of BIS it fixed the emails automatically sending a copy to yourself in gmail. Before the upgrade you had to set a filter not to receive email from yourself with gmail. The new BIS "fixed" that.

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    07-30-09 06:36 AM
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    Spaciorek's explanation matches my experience. I guess their "fix" was a bit of a hack.

    For me, this only happens with gmail, and only if the email's "from" address is the same as the gmail account receiving it. I have several email accounts integrated with my Blackberry. When I want to send something to myself (it really is very handy) I have to send from one of my addresses to a different one. It really hasn't been too inconvenient.

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    07-30-09 07:07 AM
  6. kpipe's Avatar
    Thanks a lot for the info.

    That is kind of annoying - they should let users decide for themselves what emails they want to filter.

    In addition to sending files to myself, I often send messages to others from outlook (my work account) where I cc myself, and I want to be able to look at those emails later on my BB. However, they never show up. This gets somewhat frustrating when people respond to such messages and don't quote them, so that when you have your BB you can't remember what they were responding to.

    It sounds like there is simply no way to make this work, if you want to use gmail as a spam filter. Does anyone know if BIS has this same "fix" implemented for other free mail servers like yahoo?
    07-30-09 10:42 AM
  7. dollface's Avatar
    Also gmail will not allow you to send and receive with the same email address, even if you are sending it from outlook. What I do if I am sending something to myself from Outlook (from my gmail account) is I address it to my sprint.blackberry.net address and I get it everytime.
    02-12-10 06:49 PM
  8. dave3825us's Avatar
    That's why I think it's an issue with BB and not with outlook.
    I dont use gmail, I use optonline thru outlook and can send email to phone from pc and from pc to phone. Its not a bb thing its a gmail thing.
    02-12-10 11:00 PM