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    I am trying to cler out my event log by hitting the ALT "LGLG", but it is not showing up. I also have Quick launch and tried to access it from there without any luck as well.

    I am curious if having a hybrid loaded on my phone is causing this. I have Driphters hybrid, but forgot what version it was since I tried so many of them.
    07-15-10 05:01 PM
  2. dasDestruktion's Avatar
    Your hunch might be correct. You can remove the event log viewer from the Jave Folder very simply when constructing a hybrid... Hybrids can cause all kinds of weird issues to pop up too.I have sworn off of all of them, but more power to you hybrid-builders out there and those that enjoy it!

    When I was in a BETA program for a developer I was unable to pull event logs through the usual "alt+lglg" and I emailed them. The recommended pulling the battery and restarting the device in "safe mode" and trying again. It worked, but then it also cleared out the event log.
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    07-15-10 05:55 PM