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    I currently have a Sprint BB Tour 9630 and I will be traveling to Spain. I want to keep my service with Sprint because I am still under contract, but I do not want to be charged an arm and a leg to use the international plan that Sprint offers. So I want to have someone rig the phone so that I will be able to use it in Spain through Sprint without being charged the international plan by Sprint. (I do not know the proper term for this but I was told by someone who I could go to to have this done so that I can use the phone just as I would if I were in the US).I also have been looking up phones that have quad band and I am most interested with the iphone clone since it has slots for dual SIM cards. My initial thinking is to take the SIM card from my BB Tour and get a SIM card with a Spanish number and use both SIM cards on this iphone clone, but I do not know if I will be able to take the SIM card from my BB Tour and use it in the iphone clone (due to the size of the SIM card as well as other factors). Does anyone know??? THANKS

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    07-26-10 10:13 AM
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    I don't think this will work. First off, the SIM in your Tour is a Sprint SIM connected to your Sprint service. You won't be able to fool whatever device you get overseas into reading that it's a local SIM. If it were to even work, all charges would go to your Sprint account.

    I don't know anything about devices that allow for dual SIM cards, but as I stated above, if you have your Sprint SIM inserted in a device overseas, if it works, you'll get charged to your Sprint account.

    Why don't you just get your Tour unlocked, and get a Spanish SIM once you reach your destination? That would seem WAY easier than what you propose. You wouldn't have your US phone number, but at least you wouldn't have to pay the international rates thru Sprint.
    07-26-10 10:24 AM
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    I may just get it unlocked, but I would like to have both US and Spanish #s in order to stay in contact with family/friends here in the US for a cheaper price and be able to contact people in Spain. This was just something that I thought of and wanted to know if it would work so I asked...I am not tech savvy or anything so I did not know if what I am wanting to do was very common and could be done easily or not.

    Phone with dual SIM card slots
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    Thanks for your reply!

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    07-26-10 10:43 AM
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    Ok, did a little reading on the dual sim thing, and it looks like it wouldn't make any difference regarding the Sprint service. If you put the Sprint SIM in the dual sim device, you're still going to be running all of your calls to that number thru the Sprint account.

    I think it pretty much comes down to if you want to use your Sprint phone number overseas, you're going to have to pay for some kind of international calling plan... unfortuantely.
    07-26-10 10:52 AM
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    Sprint service does not use the SIM card. The card is used (once activated) to provide international service via partners.

    Sprint does not have any international unlimited data anymore and never had overseas voice. To use your Sprint number overseas you'll have to pay the international per minute rates on both outgoing and incoming calls.
    07-26-10 11:27 AM