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    Hi all, I'm wesley living in Holland and a proud blackberry bold owner.
    And sorry in advance if all these no0bquestions have come out and been answered before. But I can't really seem to find them.

    Story is that I'm getting old with the bold.. I want something new to play with.
    Now I've come across the BBTour on the inet.

    Thing is that this baby won't be coming to europe. Let alone it has a chance of coming to holland..

    But I really like the smooth looks of the Tour.

    So I am thinking of ordering one trough E-bay..

    New Factory Unlocked Blackberry Tour 9630 | 3G✔GPS✔MP3✔ - eBay (item 280390393441 end time Sep-26-09 21:33:34 PDT)

    (apologies voor advertising.. may be removed if not allowed)

    But there's still a few questions I can't seem to get answered.

    On my bold , I have Vodafone carrier. 1 year contract.

    Since this is a dutch VodafoneSIM-card I am wondering if it will fit into a phone from abroad. Will it fit?

    And if it fits for some miraculeus reason , will I be able to make calls , send text messages , and still have my internet browser going at full 3G speeds..?

    The phone seems to support GSM and UTSM networking for making calls and connecting.. but if this is true ,

    why do i have to read on many topics that it will have only EDGE internet speeds or you won't be able to have voice+data .. Nor the Push-emails..

    I'm on a dillemma here.. I really want the BB , But I don't have enough secure facts nor sources that it will work perfectly just like me Bold..

    09-22-09 06:12 PM
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    First of all...The Tour is really a CDMA device at heart. True, it does have quad-band GSM as well, making it a "world phone", but its first purpose is CDMA technology.

    What I would recommend for you is....be patient!!! Within the next few months (I would say definitely BEFORE Christmas) BlackBerry will be releasing a new GSM device to the public. It will be the 9700 product line. Basically, think of it as a replacement to the Bold...A new flagship device!!!

    The 9700 device is sort of going to be the GSM equivalent (and I would even imagine "better") of the Tour. Same screen resolution, same RAM, same keyboard, etc...etc...I wouldn't be surprised if it had an even faster CPU than the Tour.... Also, the new 9700 will be slightly smaller than the current Bold - which was the complaint of a lot of people. Personally, I felt the Bold was a bit on the wide size..

    However, the 9700 will be sporting the fancy new flat pad (trackpad) instead of a trackball for moving the cursor around. This has a lot of people excited...and for good reason! I have not used one myself - but, from all the reviews I've read - people really seem to like it.

    The 9700 will also have wifi which the 9630 Tour does NOT have!!

    So, like I said....I would hold on for a few months, at most, and pick yourself up the 9700! :-)

    Good luck
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    09-22-09 06:19 PM
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    Thanx for your quick response alb, I know of this one indeed, the onyx if I'm not mistaken. Which will also make part of my collection.

    But do you still know.. when you were a kid , and if you've seen something you want , you've just kept thinking about it , until you've eventually gotten it..?

    I've never lost that bad habit...
    And i also know the tour doesn't support any wifi connection.
    But that is okay, I actually never used it once on my bold xD

    And the fact that it won't be coming to europe adds some sort of exclusiveness to it , which I also like about the tour.. I'm just wondering.. will it work the same way as if I bought the BB here
    09-22-09 06:29 PM