1. bblvr1's Avatar
    Have a few questions...
    have a bb tour 9630.
    I have used handheld devices (palm) for years before getting my bb tour..and have been syncing with outlook.
    I have accumulated wayyyyy to many calendar entries and am looking to slim down both my outlook and tour, without deleting.
    So...thought I'd archive my outlook...as I have many many years on here I thought I'd keep from Jan 09 to present..and that's how I set up the archive. However, after archiving I went back to before that date and all items are still showing on Outlook...they should be gone and archived in a different file? right?
    So this leads me to next question...when I do this and then sync my tour, will it automatically remove them too? Or do I have to override computer to device?
    As syncing (with no override) hadn't worked for me I decided to adjust the settings in the dm. To only keep items for so many days (600 to make it about Jan 09) and then did a sync but everything is still there...
    and although it would've been nice if that worked, I really would rather the Outlook also be archived instead of just slimming down the tour.
    clear as mud?! lol!
    Am a bit scared of losing everything so thought I'd pass it by you people with all the incredible knowledge!! lol! help! lol!
    any ideas?
    06-18-10 10:52 AM
  2. ekz13's Avatar
    before you do anything you might think about making several backups to the backups in case anything happens, or perhaps even printing all those out so you have hard copies (yes it kind of defeats the purpose, but it would be safe)
    06-18-10 01:26 PM