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    Been spending couple of days reading posts on the forum here, about this. Also reading on the RIM forums, etc.

    Consensus seems to be there is **no way** to unlock the display without this button, other than using the OEM BlackBerry holsters.

    I know pressing "A" and holding it will lock. But in OS5/up you cannot press A/Send to unlock. Additionally there is no way to map the unlock to any other keys, etc. Additionally there are no apps for this I suppose.

    I also clean-installed the OS to make absolutely sure there are no software issues. I also took the top faceplate off and confirmed that the button itself is simply worn out from use.

    So for now I am using the BB holster. But I just figured I would throw this out in case there is that ONE person that has worked around this and not posted. Lol.

    I am also open to replacing the button. Though I did not find a lot about that in my searches.
    07-13-11 06:44 PM