1. dave3825us's Avatar
    Why are some items in bold? I know its not new or old because Google maps is old and Miq is new. Any explanation for this?

    12-12-09 05:22 PM
  2. flopper's Avatar
    Its means that the permissions are set at something other than the default, nothing to worry about.

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    12-12-09 05:27 PM
  3. dave3825us's Avatar
    I am not sure about that. I never set anything other than default on any permissions. I did check some of the bold ones and they are set to default settings.

    Also after my quick pull reboot, nothing is bold any more and would think if permissions were set other than default they would retain their settings and still be bold.. I has to be something else..
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    12-12-09 08:20 PM
  4. dave3825us's Avatar
    So now a day later nothing listed in applications is bold. So no body knows why bold lettering was present? I had though maybe running apps but that was not it either..
    12-14-09 12:47 AM