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    Hi everyone,

    This is the first problem i have had with my beloved Tour. My daughter sent me a mms, i was able to open the mms and view the photo fine. The problem is whenever i reply to her mms, it comes to her blank, with no message ....we have tried many times with always the same result...a blank message from me. What is very odd is i can send her a mms with a picture and comment fine.
    The only problem is when i try to reply to her mms. I did notice that when i open my mms (with the reply i sent her) i can see my reply for 2 secs. and then its gone . The top corner of the mms changes from slide 1( where i can read my message) to slide 2 where my message is gone. Its like my tour thinks my mms reply is a slide show. I have tried everything with no luck. It is not a giant deal as i can reply by sms, but it should work. Any ideas on fixes? Anyone have this issue?
    Thanks so much for your thoughts.
    11-22-09 12:57 PM