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    ......from the following cities where I got a chance to test the world plan:

    KL, Malaysia
    Bali, Indonesia
    Saigon, Vietnam
    Dili, Timor Leste

    This is my 2nd trip in 4 months and suffice to say the plan worked in all the cities except for Dili. We didn't expect it to work there anyway where Timor Telecom reins supreme and does not offer much. The service they have is simply for calls, no data.

    • In Singapore, we used M1-GSM
    • In KL, we tapped into MAXIS
    • In Bali, INDO-XL worked great for us
    • In Saigon, for the life of me I can't remember which network but it worked for the first time. I've been in out and of HCMC city for 11 years and for the last few I could not get it work. It could be VINAFONE.

    I have the network option set at GSM and also 3G. Ran a search for all available networks and then tested them one by one. The above providers were the best.

    Incidentally, SMS & MMS messages send to US phones from the above cities was 20 cents.

    Hope this info would be of use to those of you who are planning trips to the region.


    12-20-09 10:53 PM