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    Dear All:

    Apologies if this is a duplicate thread, but I can't seem to find a straight answer to what I want to do. Verizon say no, but others say yes.

    As a frequent business traveller to the US, I decided last year, on one of my trips to pick up a Samsung SCH-u410 Vzw Prepaid phone. I chose Vzw as a lot of my coworkers and friends in the US are on Verizon and I can talk all day for 99. I very rarely use the mobile browser on the phone, mainly because it sucks so much and Vzw in their wisdom have locked down the phone so much. The only thing I do currently use is Verizon Pix Place as I have no way of getting images off my phone other than to send them up to Pix Place then download them on a computer somewhere. Something I think I won't need to do on the Tour - unless Vzw have disabled Mass Storage Mode!!!

    So - what do I want to do? I would like to buy a Blackberry Tour 9630 either locked to Vzw then get it unlocked, or purchase one completely unlocked. That way I can use it on my UK Vodafone network (activated on our BES) and activate it on Vzw so when I'm in the US, I can use it instead of my Samsung (The Tour better camera, geotagging, bigger screen, much much better phone) and switch mode depending on what I want to do. The Samsung phone is small, but its a pain having the two devices, two chargers etc, plus the UI on the phone is like 'My First Phone'. Its not very user friendly or intuative!

    Vzw have told me upfront that 'due to the way Data features are integrated into the Blackberry, we cannot activate them for use on our Prepaid network, even for Voice only use.' - All I want to do is use it for voice on Vzw! I would switch off wireless reconsiliation when on CDMA/EVDO, only switching back to GSM to pick up my mail.

    Has anyone done this and if so PLEASE could they share their methods with me?

    Thanks in advance

    09-15-09 03:08 AM
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    Cannot activate any PDA/Blackberry or phone with a HTML browser on prepay.....sorry.
    09-15-09 03:14 AM
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    Thank you for your post, but this is exactly why I have posted this question. There is a post on this very forum about some chap who managed to activate his Blackberry Storm on Vzw's Prepaid service:


    I don't mind playing with the Blackberry and copying files back and forward.

    09-15-09 03:22 AM
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    Its exactly how VZW told you. Its not possible to activate it on prepay.
    What did they "lock down" on your Samsung, btw?

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    09-15-09 03:58 AM
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    I think I'd better give up then!

    What did they disable? The phone has bluetooth but I can't send any files to it or from it to another phone or computer. I can't put MP3's on it to use as ringtones (it has 40MB storage builtin).

    I can't think of what else, but it works as a regular phone and the signal is great on it.

    Thanks anyway

    09-15-09 04:02 AM
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    Luckily there are 3 other networks to try, if they will do it. You may not get data but voice should work, I think.
    Anyone know for sure?

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    09-15-09 04:45 AM