1. mclarryjr's Avatar
    THere will always be something bigger, better, and faster than the device you/I just bought. You all don't think that there is a "Storm 3" released in a year from now or another Tour set for launch after the Essex? It sucks for us, but RIM and the major carriers know they have us where they want us. Damn it! I hate being an addict!

    and it nice that rim has new and improved phones it may cause some to work ot and others pick up a second job. I like blowing all my money on a new phone every year.
    10-28-09 03:41 PM
  2. jakeh0's Avatar
    its also kind of a strange move, i mean, the people who got the tour were primarily verizon customers whose curves were getting pretty old or people who hated the storm. now that all of those people have tours, how many are going to upgrade to an essex so soon?
    10-28-09 03:54 PM
  3. 12MaNy's Avatar
    Whats the point of Wifi if you have a unlimited data plan???
    You don't need network signal strength to use WiFi.
    10-28-09 03:59 PM
  4. ElSteve9's Avatar
    Yeah, how hard is it to replace thr trackball w/ a trackpad? I friggin' hate the trackballs. Worst part of a BB; they just get dirty.

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    10-28-09 04:03 PM
  5. phqnkmj's Avatar
    im pissed--- i held on to the storm waiting for OS updates to fix the bugs
    instead of dumping it within 30days... now this.. i for sure may jump ship and go
    to ATT for the Blod soon

    Yeah. The Blod is sweet.
    10-28-09 04:06 PM
  6. Methalius's Avatar
    The issue here seems to be in a name. If this phone was just called the essex and not labeled as the Tour2, would we be talkin about this? Most likely not. Phones come out every year. New phones, new names, new hardware, new OS. It's what rim and every other phone company does to earn profit.
    Well said and agreed. If it was called the BlackBerry Trooper no one would even think twice about it. Since it will probably be marketed as the Tour 2 it is causing a slight uproar.

    I love my Tour. I don't feel like I need the Trackpad or WiFi to make my phone that much better. I would think that both additions would be nice to have but I am extremely happy with my phone. I am sure I'll check it out when it comes out but I plan on waiting as long as possible before I change models.
    10-28-09 04:09 PM
  7. GG1's Avatar
    Yeah. The Blod is sweet.
    Is that a new model Blackberry?
    10-28-09 04:28 PM
  8. papped's Avatar
    its also kind of a strange move, i mean, the people who got the tour were primarily verizon customers whose curves were getting pretty old or people who hated the storm. now that all of those people have tours, how many are going to upgrade to an essex so soon?
    They already stated why it went down like this. They were way behind on CDMA compared to the bold. The carriers were scared of falling out of competition so they rushed the Tour.

    Now they are fixing what they should have put on the Tour in the first place. It's got nothing to do with what they *should* have done and everything to do with playing catch up.

    And yeah if the phone wasn't named the Tour2, everyone would still be pissed. Exact same form factor, exact same internals, except for a trackpad + wifi released shortly afterwards combined with Sprint's statements on playing catch up compared to GSM releases. People would put 2 + 2 together...
    10-28-09 04:34 PM
  9. 12MaNy's Avatar
    Is that a new model Blackberry?
    10-28-09 04:35 PM
  10. despaiR's Avatar
    I am mad. My tour is one month old, and now Tour 2 is coming...
    10-28-09 04:47 PM
  11. gtroddy's Avatar
    I'm kinda glad i didn't use my upgrade for this Tour now. Then again i will probably pay retail again just to continue without a contract.
    10-28-09 05:06 PM
  12. r.wats75's Avatar
    I don't see what the big deal is with the track pad. Yes, the original tour's trackball sucked, but after I got my fru replacement it works like a dream. I guess that's just me though.
    10-28-09 05:11 PM
  13. Kilgore Trout's Avatar
    First of all, I agree with the refrain earlier in this thread. There will always be a newer, fancier model coming out. I can hardly blame RIM for working to improve their product, nor can I blame Verizon for wanting to sell a cutting edge product, given the competition from the Iphone etc. Kudos to both companies for not being complacent.

    As for the upgrades, I say meh to WiFi. Verizon's EVDO network is already plenty fast, particularly given the limits of the blackberry browers. I'd bet anything that the browser will still be slow as a dog. and they'll be all the standard complications with WiFi signals, security etc. I can live without it.

    The track pad is a little bit more interesting. I've never really liked the trackball. In fact, I think the jog dial on my 8700 made more sense than either a trackpad or trackball.

    In any case, good to see Verizon pushing forward with more advanced BBs.
    10-28-09 05:28 PM
  14. bigbdz16's Avatar
    I called customer support and complained because i had 3 storms and then was pissed and went to an alias (like an *****) two of those broke and were warranty replaced and then I bought a curve on craigslist which will be warranty replaced as well for dust under screen. They said they would give me 2 year contract price on a tour for my troubles. 149 bucks for a factory new not refurb was cool by me. So i just got it yesterday and when i activated it, it said i was confirming for another 2 yr contract. today i see the tour2 WTF!! So my question is since technically i got 2 yr pricing because i committed 2 more years do i qualify again for the 30 day return or phone change. This would allow me to get tour 2 or droid if it comes out soon. any thoughts would help...thx
    10-28-09 05:41 PM
  15. mapimages's Avatar
    I don't see what the big deal is with the track pad. Yes, the original tour's trackball sucked, but after I got my fru replacement it works like a dream. I guess that's just me though.
    no its not just you and not alone...my trackball works perfectly

    its the "new" and "must have" feature so people are gonna talk about it

    i had the 8520 curve for a week and the trackpad was sweet but not worth waiting for IMO

    i'm also doing just fine without wifi

    sprints 3g data is wayyyyy faster than at&t
    10-28-09 05:41 PM
  16. Shemp1973's Avatar
    The Tour coming out less than a year after the Storm came out bothered me. The Tour 2 coming out so soon doesn't really bother me. The wifi is no great enticement. I've had other phones with wifi and it wasn't as great as you may think. Spotty coverage, weak signal reception and a big battery drainer. And hardly any faster than VZW's 3G. I'll wait for the Tour 3.

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    10-28-09 06:54 PM
  17. not_addicted77's Avatar
    is the trackpad better than the trackball?

    the trackball on my tour sucks big time.
    Truthfully, its all in how your using it.

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    10-28-09 07:13 PM
  18. CGI's Avatar
    If blackberry had a decent web browser the Tour 2 - meaning WiFi - would have more appeal.

    Put me in the category as a little perturbed with RIM releasing this device so soon. Yes there will always be a better phone on the way... blah blah blah. But its almost like we got shafted with tier two features (trackball, no wifi) for the same price.

    EDIT: and I totally understand RIM needs to make money... but they should also be sensitive to the customer's opinion. With the shoddy quality these days... RIM seems to be slipping away from whats really important. They best enjoy their profits now.
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    10-28-09 07:28 PM
  19. Garz's Avatar
    With a 50% return ratio on Sprint and Verizon Tours, my opinion is RIM is probably has pushed this Tour2 faster than orginally wanted and that will make the original Tour owners a little upset. With the trackpad, RIM will see a lot less returns. Some people have returned 6 times over a trackball.
    10-28-09 07:35 PM
  20. mozy's Avatar
    They have to be kidding
    I think this is great news. I love how BB addresses their phones issues so fast. I probably won't switch and it doesn't **** me off either. My current Tour is still top of the line amazing even if and slightly new an improved one comes out. GO BlackBerry!!!
    10-28-09 08:59 PM
  21. Mycko809's Avatar
    what do you mean dude ? its gonna be wayyy better ... plus they might ge trid of all the battery problems ... and it has 3g and WIFI !!!! it cant get better than that !
    10-28-09 09:00 PM
  22. vetmotox's Avatar
    well, even if you "break" your phone after the Tour 2 comes out, what makes you think they wont just give you an old refurb tour
    Because I have 10 lines on two family plans and always have an upgrade available
    10-30-09 12:18 PM
  23. iCandi's Avatar
    now is this phone only going to vzw or to sprint as well? cuz if it doesnt go to sprint i oculd care less.. but if im like anyone else who just got their tour (at launch) im still finding out cool new things about my tour. upgrading the OS etc. its too soon for a T2
    10-30-09 12:42 PM
  24. papped's Avatar
    It's going to Sprint.
    10-30-09 12:48 PM
  25. TheSultan's Avatar
    This is pretty standard RIM behavior. Part of what ticks me off about RIM is they come out with a new device every 3 months, it's nearly impossible to keep up. I wish they had like 3 devices, and did a lot more with software instead.
    10-30-09 12:51 PM
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