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    I recently purchased an unlocked verizon 9630 from the US for use in the UK. Everything is working fine other than the blackberry service such as browser, app world, bbm etc. I installed a custom IPD file to my device as at first i couldn't access the browser or appworld, these are now working fine, the real problem is bbm and facebook. BBM works but when I try to add someone it doesn't show up on their device and when someone adds me it doesn't show up on my device, I have phoned my service provider "Three (3) UK" and they have told my to register my device PIN and IMEI at "http://3uk.blackberry.com/" which I have tried and I get the following message:

    Cannot create account:

    This BlackBerry device is not registered with your wireless service provider. Please
    register this device and verify that the URL of the current web site matches the
    one provided by your wireless service provider.

    To register:

    1. In the Application list on your device, click Options, or click Settings Options.

    2. Click Advanced Options > Host Routing Table.

    3. Click the Menu key and click Register Now.

    If the error persists, contact your wireless service provider.

    I have tried the Host Routing Table method, when I open HRT it says *No Entries* but when I hit "Register now" it says "Registration message sent!" but I've waited hours on end and nothing happens, I DO have the BlackBerry add-on....

    Any help is greatly appreciated as I'm really needing to use BBM at this time.

    Many Thanks.

    EDIT: When I started the phone for the first time I had a message from verizon this message also appears when I wipe the phone, it doesn't really say anything about registration. But could this mean the phone has already been registered or this message is just part of the phone being branded?
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    And also when I enter the "Email Setup" there should be two options right? The first one being " I want to create or add an email address" and the second being "I want to use a work email account with a BlackBerry Enterprise Server"

    When I enter the setup from my phone there is only one option, being the second one I just listed......
    08-28-11 09:52 AM
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    hmmm, when i had this issue a little bit ago, i has to go to sprint.blackberry.com, login, and hook my device to my account, even though i have used the same device for over a year. Maybe you need to contact your carrier and tell them to contact Verizon to release your device's PIN and IMEI
    08-30-11 07:38 AM