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    I use the 9630 tour. I used to buy in Indonesia. but I can not use the facilities in Malaysia. browsing is lost, the setting could not Emile, host routing table No response. check balance * xxx # just call. manual settings
    mobile directory number: xxxx
    imsi_s: xxxx
    pesn (dex): 12801571303
    pesn (hex): 8017f9e7
    mobile country code: 310
    mobile network code: 26
    home SID: 2
    Home NID: 65 535
    MO Voice SO Home: 3
    MO Voice SO roam: 3
    MT Voice SO Home: 3
    blackberry registration id: 2004
    home registration system id: true
    x x x: true
    x x x: truee
    SIP user ID: number@voicestreame.com
    MIP user ID: number@voicestreame.com
    reverse tunelling suport: true
    home address:
    primary HA address:
    Secondary HA Address:
    user profile index: 0
    DMU MN Auth: 011 111

    if there were any errors? Please the information, because until now I still can not use the facilities of my blackberry. thx
    bb pin: 30b42bd3
    imey : 359486021430135
    help me please.
    11-11-11 12:12 PM