1. joorrdaan's Avatar
    This has been the most frustrating experience... my BB Tour will disconnect itself from my BES which is synced through exchangemymail.com. Emails will still come through, but my calendar just completely stops functioning/syncing and I have to re-activate w/ the server. New service books doesn't get the job done.

    Any ideas???
    04-19-10 08:40 AM
  2. jeffh's Avatar
    So it's just the calendar, and not Memos, Tasks, Emails, and Contacts that are losing OTA sync? If so, and since you've already done the Service Boks re-send, these two steps are worth considering. I'm extracting them from a longer note that I use with people who haven't already re-sent service books.

    ...If this process doesn't work, Blackberry Technical Support Knowledge Base Article KB10105 may apply. Here is the link: http://www.blackberry.com/btsc/artic...AL_Public.html

    If this Knowledge Base article applies, your IT department will have to solve the problem. It's beyond user solution.

    Calendar Corollary: If you've done the procedure above, and all five apps are showing Wireless Sync, but the Calendar is not showing appointments, then turn off wireless sync in the calendar options, exit out of the calendar, go back into the calendar, and turn wireless sync back on. I've had to do this extra step to get the calendar to pick up existing appointments.
    04-19-10 01:53 PM
  3. joorrdaan's Avatar
    Thank you!!! CB is the best!
    04-19-10 10:11 PM
  4. jeffh's Avatar
    Did my advice help? Or the Calendar Corollary?
    04-19-10 10:14 PM