1. Bruce.Lee's Avatar
    I know CX and Kevin said August ish, but now that BGR is saying mid to late July, we it's one more fairly dependable release date speculation. I know it's all speculation but at least it's from BGR this time.
    04-28-09 09:54 PM
  2. mobile79's Avatar
    04-28-09 10:14 PM
  3. usood89's Avatar
    lmaoo BGR isnt ****. CX and kev are the ones who always come through...bgr isn't anything but rumors
    04-28-09 10:34 PM
  4. Cowadin's Avatar
    it's all fairly similar estimates -- does it really matter? gonna be around the end of summer; so now we have a general idea of release and we wait. buy our 8330's off ebay if we want, or suck it up until then.

    or we can continue to make multiple threads on it, which is my vote, personally
    04-28-09 11:58 PM
  5. waterfrontmgmt's Avatar
    why didn't you ask this question in the existing bgr thread?
    04-29-09 05:01 AM
  6. LutherSnow74's Avatar
    Really.... Why the new thread?
    04-29-09 06:21 AM
  7. Syco54645's Avatar
    can we close or delete this already?
    04-29-09 07:33 AM
  8. Crucial_Xtreme's Avatar
    Please see this thread--> http://forums.crackberry.com/f141/bg...lation-216696/
    04-29-09 07:47 AM