1. 240sxNate's Avatar
    I was actually wondering why the Tour for Sprint at Best Buy is $200. There's three BB within 45 of me and only one store has the Tour. Went to find out it was $200 instead of the Verizon $150 for new upgrade. Is the pricing up to Best Buy or does Sprint have some sort of say in that?

    I'm just glad I could find it this early around my way, since every Sprint retailer I called said they would be getting them on the 2nd.

    P.S. Any one think or know if Best Buy will be dropping the price to $150 anytime soon?
    07-29-09 01:29 AM
  2. boomhower1820's Avatar
    Some times it is cheaper. Last week they had them for $99. Cell phones are just like anything else, when you go to buy you have to shop around for the best price.
    07-29-09 05:44 AM
  3. Terrigno's Avatar
    Verizons wasnt just $150 for an upgrade. It was to sign a new 2 year contract. Plus they bundled in the $50 off Verizon is offering on there BlackBerrys so I got it for $100 bucks.
    07-29-09 07:11 AM
  4. CBerry9630's Avatar
    i signed a new 2 year contract...my tour was $99
    07-29-09 11:47 AM
  5. Jumpman89's Avatar
    Verizon drops the price because they charge more for the monthly plan. The money you spend on Sprint's Tour, you'll save in two months of service rather than paying an arm and a leg for verizon's plans.

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    07-29-09 11:55 AM