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    My Tours (yes on my second one) have minds of their own...and I need help. Verizon has done about as much as they can to try and help.

    My company has the Enterprise server for all our phones and my contacts wireless sync with my Outlook. My first Tour was doing some strange things and after three trips to Verizon and about 7 hours working on the phone, Verizon determined that the phone was bad and replaced it. When loading the new phone, I couldn't use the backup I had because my old phone had duplicated my desktop so all my contacts listed twice on my phone. So Verizon said to let Outlook sync up to the phone and that would solve the duplicated desktop issue. Now my new phone loaded fine, but now I only have 460 of my 700 contacts from Outlook that are syncing to the Tour. How do I get all my Outlook contacts to sync to the Tour?

    PLEASE help!
    11-30-09 06:11 PM
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    I've fixed my own problem...but you won't believe the answer. I sent an e-mail through my phone and the contact was a missing contact (which I checked before doing the next step and it truly was missing). So I manually entered the e-mail address. When I was done, it didn't show the e-mail address, but the name of the contact. I thought that was odd since it was missing. I went back in and all the contacts I was missing are now back and all I did was manually enter one e-mail address.
    12-01-09 08:37 AM