1. cindy-lu-who's Avatar
    I've had my tour for 2 months. I set up multiple email accounts including my corporate email (not BB Exchange). Starting this week, something is happening with the BB synchronization with this email that locks my corporate login id every day. BB Help Desk says to remove the email address and add it back. I'm concerned that this will continue to happen. I purchased this phone through Sprint specifically to be able to access my office email...

    Anyone else had this problem? If yes, how was it resolved?
    12-12-09 10:00 AM
  2. battleroyale1978's Avatar
    I know if they are doing something with our email server it locks us out and won't send emails, but normally it's few and far between that it happens. If that is the case then deleting and adding back won't help.
    12-12-09 02:22 PM