1. rednblue911's Avatar
    I have looked everywhere for an answer to this and can not find one. Here is what I am trying to do.

    My wife and I both have 9630s.
    We each have our own calendar.
    We want to be able to see each other's calendar on our BB. (each calendar in a different color similar to how google calendar works).
    We both have MS Outlook with shared calendars, and Google calendar with shared calendars.

    I have tried Google Sync but it just adds her appointments to my calendar as if they are my appointments (i.e. no way to tell who's appointment it is). This also ends up adding them to my Outlook calendar when I connect my BB. That in turn syncs with google calendars, etc.

    I have thought about trying to add her BB e-mail address to my device but then I would receive all her messages too... (right?)

    Is there any way to see her BB calendar on my BB calendar?
    10-17-09 10:12 PM