1. Leximk1's Avatar
    I had a blackberry pearl, and then i got a new blackberry bold 9650 which i love but the only problem is that the battery life is horrible, but on my old pearl it was fine. I still have my pearl, I was considering taking the battery out from my pearl and using it for my bold. Would it work? Can I?
    08-31-10 10:53 PM
  2. Leximk1's Avatar
    i think it was tthe 8130..im pretty sure!! the battery life on my bold is horrible!
    09-04-10 06:48 PM
  3. Motorcycle Mama's Avatar
    The batteries are different.

    This is just the way the Bold is. It's not a fault with the battery.
    09-04-10 07:05 PM
  4. the_sandman_454's Avatar
    The Bold has a higher resolution screen and a higher processor speed than your old pearl.

    If you don't mind a different back for your phone, the Seidio 2600mah battery is a good investment for Tour/Bold...

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    09-04-10 07:46 PM
  5. ferfious's Avatar
    As previously posted, it won't work. They are setup differently. The Pearl battery is weaker anyway, so it wouldn't do you any good if you could.
    09-04-10 08:16 PM
  6. Mistik's Avatar
    Its very simple, it can't be done. the battery wouldn't even fit imo
    09-07-10 01:46 AM