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    I've looked at many different posts and googled about both of these issues and im not finding anything new, and I'm doing everything already they say to do. My battery isn't even lasting half a day anymore. I had this issue about a month ago and it lasted around a week, then got better. I was at a point where I charged my phone while getting ready for school, took it off (when it was completely charged) around 7:30am and it was dead by 5pm, recharge it at 5pm and unplug it when it's fully charged at about 11, then by 8am the next morning it's completely dead again. I'm having this issue again now and I don't know what else to do. I've only had the phone less than a year, around 10 months.
    Second issue, memory. Right now I have about 92910514 bytes right after a battery pull. I delete texts, emails, and phone log daily. I only have 3 or 4 apps downloaded and one theme. I've went to the store and they said they should have fixed the problem and they did a battery pull and when my phone was done restarting, I had less memory than when i came in.

    any help would be much appreciated
    thanks in advance
    01-10-11 04:32 PM
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    Could be your theme or an app. Themes are notorious for problems if they are badly coded. I would start by running a stock theme and see if the problem goes away. If that doesn't help, start deleting apps (starting with the last one that you installed) and see if it helps.

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    01-10-11 07:17 PM