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    you can use AutoText to speed up your typing of long words that you type often like For example,: I am in a meeting now. Can you try to connect up with me a little later? Your code could be "IMTG"
    HRUD "How are you doing?"
    BTW: "By the way"
    2 - too
    2b - to be
    2bad4u2 - to bad for u to
    2bh - to be honest
    2ez - too easy
    2g2bt - too good to be true
    2h2h - too hot to handle
    2nite - tonight
    2qt - too cute
    2u2 - To you too
    aamof - as a matter of fact
    adn - any day now
    alol - actually laughing out loud
    aqap - as quick as possible
    awk - awkward
    b4n - bye for now
    b4u - before you
    boomm - bored out of my mind
    eod - End of day
    fcol - for crying out loud
    fov - Field of View
    hago - have a good one
    hagn - have a good night
    hagd - have a good day
    hr - hour
    hre - here
    hwg - here we go
    hwga - here we go again
    ictrn - I can't talk right now
    icty - i can't tell you
    icwum - I see what you mean
    iduwym - I don't understand what you mean.
    igs - I guess so
    imsb - i am so bored
    imu - i miss you
    irdc - I really don't care
    jtbs - Just To Be Sure

    i'm looking for some great suggestions for abbreviations or codes...

    Now, onto a few uses of creative text that didnt come pre-packaged with your Blackberry.

    b4 = before
    goin = going
    hr = hour
    mins = minutes
    r = are
    sec = second
    sry = sorry
    thx = thanks
    u = you
    w = w/
    y = why
    yday = yesterday

    thank you
    07-19-09 06:59 PM
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    hahaha the funny thing is that back in the day people used to write out the words, then soon instant messaging became the norm and people then started to shorten words and phrases to just a few letters. now we are back to using just letters and short phrases but that the phone then converts back to full words and phrases for us. autotext is great
    07-19-09 07:30 PM
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    haha thats funny
    07-19-09 07:32 PM
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    I don't know why, but I still write out words. It just seems more 'professional' and clean, even though I'm not really doing anything professional.
    07-19-09 08:07 PM
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    i use autotext like voice mail for texting when someone texts me while i am driving.

    i use qq cause its the top left key to say, "i am driving in my car and will get back with you later."
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    07-19-09 08:14 PM
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    This is freakin awesome!!!! I had no idea about this. You learn something new every day
    07-19-09 08:34 PM