1. elitedaytrader77's Avatar
    I have the loose battery door, it bothers me but not enough to exchange the phone if indeed they all have it. However, one thing that does bother me, is the track ball has problems scrolling up on occasion.

    The Call keys, red and green aswell as the blackberry button feels like they're too far below the main keyboard keys. When I hit end I find myself constantly hitting the "p" or the "o" which dually ironically pi$$es me off lol.

    Anyone else seeing this?
    07-15-09 01:58 PM
  2. Grafixx01#AC's Avatar
    I've noticed that sometimes when I 'think' I pushed the trackball to move, I didn't actually do it because the trackball on the Tour is much more recessed than the ones on the Curve or the 8830. It takes a little more time to get used to, but that's about it.

    The door, there is like 4 or 5 threads started on that. It is a problem, not sure if exchanging will help but there is a fix with some inexpensive medical tape, which you may already have at your house.
    07-15-09 02:04 PM
  3. elitedaytrader77's Avatar
    Oh I know the fixes, I was just making it known that I had the problem, the real annoying issue, are the call/end keys. I feel like they're jammed buttons. They should've been pushed up higher. And yes I noticed the pressure on the trackball vs the old bbs. Either way I love the phone, just wondering about the call/end keys. I do read the pages and never post unless I have something to add, vs reading the forums.
    07-15-09 02:13 PM