1. bauer41s4's Avatar
    the net_rim_bb_medialoader_9630.cod file contains:

    sample song
    contact icons
    folder icons
    sample mms pictures

    basically i do not want any of this EXCEPT the folder icons, but i cannot rip the entire .cod file from my OS without losing the folders

    verizon has really locked down their files and i cannot find a way to delete them from the device itself

    basically is there any way for me to delete everything but the folder icons?

    (i can manually delete the sample song, but it comes back when i battery pull)
    07-14-09 07:31 PM
  2. bauer41s4's Avatar
    anyone? being a prior storm user, i have become an OS-shrinking-addict
    07-15-09 12:18 AM
  3. AZBBFAN's Avatar
    use crackmem. It will get all that stuff off your phone in seconds
    07-15-09 12:19 AM
  4. noaim's Avatar
    can I be 100 percent honest with you and no harshness meant..

    I went through and installed every application I could think of possible that I need..

    this is alot

    i sit at 92 mb after reboot..

    the phone runs fantastic..
    all media can be stored on the media card..

    so I wouldn't put to much effort into caring about getting a few megabytes back..
    07-15-09 12:21 AM
  5. AZBBFAN's Avatar
    noaim, am I correct with crackmem? That is what i used on my phone. i also uninstalled the help file. Mostly I got rid of them because I just don't need them and I always seem to by finding any way possible way to mess around with my BB.
    07-15-09 12:27 AM
  6. renny's Avatar
    Can someone post a link for Crackmem?

    07-15-09 09:20 AM
  7. ellmane's Avatar
    is there anything like crackmem for macs?
    07-15-09 09:30 AM
  8. ghfogle's Avatar
    You can download bbfilescout on your device ota.

    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    07-15-09 09:38 AM