1. JR1981's Avatar
    First, I'm not a blackberry user, so I'm a complete newbie.

    A friend's (now) ex demolished her 9630. Like, bent the sucker in half!!! Problem is, it has extremely sentimental photos on it that are simply invaluable. Luckily, it appears the circuit board is unharmed, so I'm assuming the photos still exist in one of the memory chips on the board. The microusb port also appears undamaged. I have removed the circuit board from the device, but now I'm wondering if it's ever going to be possible to access the data on the chips for her, or is it truly trapped forever? Does anyone have any suggestions or know where to point me for help?

    I'd be eternally grateful!
    01-01-13 09:01 PM
  2. masterscarhead1's Avatar
    Well, for one, if you backed it up before via BDM, you can just extract them from the computer
    If not, how bad is it damaged. Even if the screen is busted, if it can still boot, it will be able to connect to the computer, and you can access it that way.
    Was there a microSD card inside? Blackberry is to save pictures by default onto the microSD. If so, just remove it and plug onto another device
    Hope that helps
    If not, you may have to reach out to RIM for help. They are usually really good with customer service. They may even be able to fix the device.
    01-01-13 09:10 PM
  3. JR1981's Avatar
    No, the device was literally broken in half just between the circuit board and the screen. (This was a BAD guy!)

    Anyway, here's the great news!! When she brought it to me, I said "Where's the SD card?" She said she didn't have one so we only assumed all the photos were in the on-board memory. A week later, her now-ex bf's sister called her and said she found an SD card in the living room floor when cleaning up after the party. Guess what.... turns out she DID have an SD card and it was thankfully undamaged!! I guess it just fell out when he broke the phone in half. So, I was able to recover and get her all the pics of her kids and family.

    Thanks for your help! I'm just glad for her we got this resolved. :-)
    01-04-13 03:42 AM

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